Saturday, 12 April 2014

Emerald Publishing outstanding paper award - The role of HR actors in designing and implementing HRM in tourist resorts in the Maldives

The paper, "The role of HR actors in designing and implementing HRM in tourist resorts in the Maldives” published in Employee Relations has been selected by the journal’s Editorial Team as the Outstanding Paper of the year. 

According to the Emerald Publishing, the Outstanding Paper award is the backbone of the Emerald Research Excellence Awards. Papers are judged on their contribution to the body of knowledge, rigor of argument and analysis, relevance to practice and/or further research and overall excellence.

"We aim to increase dissemination of such a high quality article as much as possible and aim to promote your paper by making it freely available for one year. The Outstanding Paper award also gives us a chance to promote your article via social media, marketing campaigns and at conferences", said Emma Hollindrake, Academic Relations Assistant, Emerald Group Publishing Limited  in an email  to the author of the paper. 

The paper can be accessed:

Institutional perspectives in HRM and MNC research: A review of key concepts

Abstract: Institutional theory has been widely applied in human resource management (HRM) and organisational research, particularly in the study of multinational companies (MNCs). Despite this, there is no consensus among institutional scholars about the relevance of some of the institutional concepts used in HRM and MNC research. This paper critically reviews the key concepts of institutional theory in relation to HRM and in the context of MNCs. The paper highlights the aspects of these concepts that researchers may consider when applying institutional theory to future HR and MNC research.

Access to full text:;dn=831461632003873;res=IELBUS